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Heritage from Japan

KAY is created in the Niigata province in Japan, known for the best quality, authentic Sake. Made from water, rice, and koji, the malted rice that is used for fermentation.

KAY is pure and without any additives, to be allowed the name of Junmai Sake.


New Beginnings

KAY is about purity, creation and discovering new possibilities, in a big way!  Inviting the world to discover this delightful and beautifully crafted drink.      The Spirit of a New Beginning.


First Drinks

We invite you to try KAY as an aperitif, as the first drink at any celebration.

With purity, flavour and freshness. No additives and less alcohol than spirits. 

Enjoy KAY on the Rocks, in a Martini, or as a delicious Japanese Spritz!

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